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October 2007

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Rhode Island

I might will relocate to Rhode Island/ Mass in end of Nov or Dec. I do not know anyone in RI and know absolute nothing about the area! If anyone know anything about RI please let me know..  I would like to find a safe and nice area to move to. Thanks



Ok great.. I am sure Apala would like to meet you and Anne too as well.

I have been looking at some apts and lofts in providence. I know federal Hill is a good place.. what about Elmhurst and Armory? I saw lot of place in those two area.. I was not sure if its mediocre area since rent is little less there?

On this wed Apala should find out if she is hired.. I can't wait to find out the answer!! So after wed we will know for sure if we are moving or not.

Oh I have been meaning to ask you if you know any deaf people in RI or where they hang out at? Probably not I just had to ask anyway. Have a pleasant day. Talk to you soon.
I think the best way to answer your question about apartments in Providence is to say that it is difficult to determine if an area is nice without actually going there and driving around. Unlike some areas of the country,you can't identify nice areas here just by reference to a particular neighborhood.

There are some nice areas of Federal Hill and some not so nice areas. You are more likely to find a nice place in Federal Hill or around Brown University than you are in Elmhurst or the Armory, but there are some areas in the latter neighborhoods that are nice.

I know this is really tough to figure out without coming here. I will try to find a link to a map that will help you identify nice areas. If I find one, I will post it.

As to the deaf community, I honestly do not know where they hang out, but I am happy to help you look! I'm sure Providence is large enough to have some organized community like that :)

Take care and have a nice weekend!